Hazards Exposure Vulnerability Database

The objective of Work Package 1 (WP1) is to identify and fill gaps in Critical Infrastructure (CI) exposure and vulnerability data and models, and to collect single and multi-hazard models that capture both present-day and climate change.

  1. Identifying gaps in existing data needs on CI exposure and vulnerability.
  2. Identify single-hazard data and models for all potential climate, hydrological and geological hazards under present-day and future climate change.
  3. Identify multi-hazard models covering potential intensities and relevant hazard interactions.
  4. Develop a pan-European harmonised database of CI exposure information including single assets (e.g., schools, hospitals) and complex networks and systems (e.g., road, rail, ports, airports, gas).
  5. Develop a pan-European harmonised database of CI vulnerability information including reconstruction costs per asset, damage/loss metrics and vulnerability/fragility curves for the different hazards and exposure categories.

D 1.1 Review of existing gaps in CI asset exposure and vulnerability data.

D 1.2 Pan-European standardised database andappropriate model of single-type climate, hydrological and geological hazard information.

D1.3 Inventory of complex, cascading and compound disaster events in Europe.

D 1.4 Pan-European harmonised exposure model and database of CI assets.

D1.5 Pan-European harmonised database of CI vulnerability information.