The objective of Work Package 4 (WP4) is to provide an overview of potential adaptation options for hazard- and climate-proofing infrastructures and to support appraisal of options and strategies. This WP4 assesses the effectiveness of adaptation options at asset, at network, and system levels, taking into account both direct and indirect impacts of multi-hazard risks. Given the deep uncertainty in driving forces of climate change, a methodology will be developed to construct potential effective, flexible, and adaptive strategies that will be applied in the use case.

  1. To provide an overview of existing and additional adaptation solutions and strategies to protect against extreme weather
    events, with a focus on multi-hazard, consecutive and compound threats.
  2. To provide an inventory of effective interventions, from a thorough understanding of risk (form WP 3).
  3. To categorise effective interventions to increase resilience of CIs, focusing on planned redundancy, flexibility and
  4. To develop an appraisal framework for interventions, adaptation options and adaptation strategies.
  5. To extend existing adaptive pathways methods to be used, focussed on (interconnected) CIs.

D 4.1 Adaptation options at sources level: reducing hazard severity.

D 4.2 Asset-level adaptation options and benefits.

D 4.3 Network-level adaptation options and benefits.

D 4.4 System-level adaptation options and benefits.

D 4.5 Toolbox for Cost-benefit analysis for CI adaptation appraisal.

D 4.6 Guidance on technical and economic adaptation appraisal.