Systemic Risk

Developing tools and models to assess intra- and inter- network risks resulting from multi-hazard events as well as the economic impacts of critical infrastructure failures.

  1. Identifying gaps in existing data needs to estimate direct and CI effects of infrastructure failure.
  2. Assessing pan-European multi-hazard risk to CI assets.
  3. Developing a risk modelling framework to identify intra and inter-network risks as a result of multi-hazard events.
  4. Developing a framework to assess systemic risk.
  5. Comprehensive uncertainty analysis of the developed and applied modelling frameworks.

D 3.1 Review of existing gaps in assessing direct and indirect effects of CI failure.

D 3.2 Pan-European multi-hazard risk assessment for CI assets.

D 3.3 Network-level risk assessment for CI in Europe.

D 3.4 Systemic-risk assessment of CI failure in Europe.

D 3.5 An uncertainty analysis for multi-hazard systemic risk modelling for CI.