Communication, dissemination and exploitation

The objective of WP6 is to maximise the impact of the project through effective communication, dissemination and exploitation. WP6 addresses the scientific, technical and economic challenges, as well as societal, environmental and educational aspects that are key in the area of CI risks and its direct damages and indirect impacts.

  1. To collect, synthesise and promote material from WP1-5 that can be used for dissemination, communication and exploitation by all the partners in the consortium.
  2. To communicate MIRACA’s results to a broad audience every year throughout the project life cycle. The content and methods of these communications will be tailored to their intended audiences.
  3. Promote MIRACA’s results, products, and services among all potential users in order to maximise uptake of the resources created by the project.
  4. To disseminate MIRACA’s results to users beyond those involved in theStakeholder Group, CI engineers, consultants, researchers, and, more broadly, organisations involved in CI risks.
  5. Coordinate and oversee stakeholder engagement within use cases.
  6. Raise awareness across sectors (public and private) of key messages around multi-hazard CI risk management.
  7. Foster and strengthen engagement across research in the field to ensure projects build on each other.

D 6.1 Plan for the dissemination and exploitation of results (PDER).

D 6.2 1st report on dissemination & exploitation activities.

D 6.3 MIRACA official webpage.

D 6.4 Report on stakeholder engagement within the MIRACA project.

D 6.5 Final report on all dissemination and communication activities (PDER).

D 6.6 2nd report on dissemination & exploitation activities.