Network Failure Service Disruption

The main objective of WP2 is to create models and data to represent CI networks behaviour and service
provision (e.g., electricity, data, water, freight, passengers) and the interdependencies between CI networks.

  1. Identify gaps in existing data needs for modelling CI network flows, interdependencies and usage.
  2. Build a generalisable system-of-systems framework for modelling CI interdependencies and failure propagation.
  3. Map the locations of industrial and commercial activities, residential and population demand areas and allocate the
    demands for infrastructure services to the relevant CI networks.
  4. Create EU-wide models of the process of infrastructure service provision and failure, for transport passenger and
    freight flows using open-source datasets on traffic and freight available at the pan-European scales (for UC1).
  5. Creating EU-wide models of the process of infrastructure service provision and failure of electric power networks.

D 2.1 Review on existing quality of information on CI interdependencies and usage information at the pan-European scale.

D 2.2 EU-scale methods for creating interdependent lifeline infrastructure network models.

D 2.3 Mapping lifeline network supply and demands to locations of other CI and societal actors.

D 2.4 Models for creating passenger and freight transport flow allocation and failure analysis.

D 2.5 Electricity network flow allocation models.