Decision Support Toolkit

The development of the decision-support toolkit is at the heart of the MIRACA-project and one the project’s key outcomes. The decision-support can be distinguished between two distinct elements: (1) the practical decision-support technical workbench and (2) the interactive web viewer.

  1. The decision-support technical workbench, in line with the rest of the MIRACA project, will be developed in a transferable and scalable way. More specifically, this means that we develop an open-access python workbench, containing all the tools to do a systemic risk analysis and adaptation
    appraisal by any potential end user, and tailored to their specific needs within their particular spatial and systemic context.
  2. The online interactive tool, on the other hand, is focused towards easy access and user-friendliness. Five use cases will illustrate the use of the MIRACA modelling framework and decision-support toolkit, from five self-explanatory Jupyter notebooks, to their visual demonstration in the online interactive viewer.

D 5.1 User requirements for the MIRACA Decision support toolkit.

D 5.2 Decision-support Technical workbench.

D 5.3 Decision-support online interactive viewer.

D 5.4 Integration of Use Cases within the decision-support toolkit.