MIRACA’s website is live!

We’re excited to announce that the Multi-hazard Infrastructure Risk Assessment for Climate Adaptation (MIRACA) project website is live! The website is MIRACA’s information hub about the project’s objectives, partners, framework, activities and outputs.
The website is also home to our blog (which you are currently reading) bringing you MIRACA’s most recent news and insights.
Join us on our journey to promote the climate resilience of Europe’s critical infrastructure (CI)!

What is MIRACA?

The project’s mission is to empower public authorities and CI managers to pinpoint risk-prone areas and develop affordable adaptation strategies to mitigate the physical and economic damages that can result from climate change.

Existing methods for climate risk analysis are not tailored to the complexities of CI, as they fail to account for systems interdependencies properly and contain key data gaps. As such, MIRACA will develop an evidence-based decision-support toolkit consisting of a guidance on technical and economic appraisal of adaptation strategies, a technical decision-support workbench, and an online interactive viewer. These will be based on a multi-hazard climate risk assessment framework that employs advanced new methods of data acquisition, filling critical gaps in knowledge of the vulnerability and costs of CI. The project will also develop new model capabilities to fully appraise the benefits for people and businesses of climate-resilient infrastructure systems.

The MIRACA project is led by a consortium of partners from across Europe, you learn more about us in TEAM’s page. including research institutions, universities, and private companies. The project’s partners bring together expertise in areas such as climate science, engineering, economics, and risk analysis to tackle the complex challenges of enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructure in the face of climate change.

The project is structured into several work packages, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the project’s objectives.

The first work package focuses on developing a comprehensive multi-hazard climate risk assessment framework, which will incorporate data from a range of sources to provide an accurate and comprehensive picture of the risks faced by critical infrastructure. The second work package will focus on developing a decision-support toolkit that will enable public authorities and CI managers to make informed decisions about the most appropriate adaptation strategies for their infrastructure.

Other work packages include the development of case studies that will demonstrate the effectiveness of the MIRACA toolkit in a variety of locations, infrastructure types, and natural hazards. The project will also develop an online interactive viewer that will allow users to explore the results of the multi-hazard climate risk assessment framework and the benefits of climate-resilient infrastructure systems.

What you can find on this website?

The website is organized into the following sections:

The About section provides general information about the project, including its objectives and the challenges it aims to address. Here you can learn about the project’s methodology, including its focus on data acquisition, risk analysis, and adaptation strategies.

In the Team section, you will find a list of the partners and people participating in the project, along with their areas of expertise. This section also includes information about the project’s governance and decision-making structure.

The Work Packages section provides a detailed explanation of the different work packages of the project and what will be tackled and delivered in each one of them. This section serves as a comprehensive overview of tthe specific activities that will be undertaken to achieve the project’s objectives.

In the News section MIRACA team will publish information about the latest developments related to the project. It will help you stay informed about the most recent updates and overall progress of the project along with general climate resilience and critical infrastructure news.

Finally, for a more detailed and personal experience, please visit our Subscribe and Contact section. Receive the project newsletter to stay on top of all you need to know around MIRACA or contact us directly.

Please visit the website and get in touch if you are interested in MIRACA!

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